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The Gingerbread Houses by Benedict J Jones

Charlie Bars is back in London and has taken on a missing persons case. Easy money –or so he thinks. The man he is looking for is inextricably linked to the evil perpetrated in the Gingerbread Houses and as Charlie's search progresses, he finds himself drawn into the seedy underbelly of the capital; a world… Continue reading The Gingerbread Houses by Benedict J Jones

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The Weight of a Soul by Elizabeth Tammi

When Lena's younger sister Fressa is found dead, their whole Viking clan mourns—but it is Lena alone who never recovers. Fressa is the sister that should've lived, and Lena cannot rest until she knows exactly what killed Fressa and why—and how to bring her back. She strikes a dark deal with Hela, the Norse goddess… Continue reading The Weight of a Soul by Elizabeth Tammi


Random Attachment by Gertrude T. Kitty

'A coming of age, dark, humorous romantic thriller. A twenty-first century Cinderella. The protagonist, seventeen year old Mia Dent, is overweight, unhappy, dormant at school and a crutch for her alcoholic mother. Together they live on a dangerous West London estate. On route to school one morning Mia spots Flynn Mason; he is the catalyst… Continue reading Random Attachment by Gertrude T. Kitty

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The Art of Dying by Ambrose Parry

'Edinburgh, 1850. Despite being at the forefront of modern medicine, hordes of patients are dying all across the city, with doctors finding their remedies powerless. But it is not just the deaths that dismay the esteemed Dr James Simpson - a whispering campaign seeks to blame him for the death of a patient in suspicious… Continue reading The Art of Dying by Ambrose Parry

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Caravan by Adam De Collibus

Rating: 5/5 stars Publication Date: 18th July 2019 Page Count: 256 pages Genre: Historical Caravan 'Abney seems a quiet soul; rootless...' Adam De Collibus has a real skill, often absent in today's historical fiction books*, for crafting detail-oriented scenes without overwhelming a reader. The two dimensional easily becomes three - character's actions are easy to… Continue reading Caravan by Adam De Collibus